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Reine Akoadambou: An example of fighting spirit

Burkinabè artist, she have three musical albums to his credit. His career began by passion like many other artists but his story is very different.

His story with music

His first vocation was teaching: "I did the test of the teaching and I was admitted. Unfortunately we are in a country where there is still a lot of prejudice that disadvantages people living with a disability. After the test results, the government issued a statement saying that they dnot need anyone physically unfit. It was a shock but as I have a strong mind, I told myself that I will not be sorry about my fate and I will not give up. I had a bit of a pain when I thought it was because I was not fit on one foot that I was refused work. So I told myself that I was going to challenge the whole society to show that even if a person does not work in a public service, they can get by in life".

An example of fighting spirit

"Most people with disabilities think it's an end for them. And as if we are disabled we must expect everything from others. Whether it's the family doing everything, etc. Not for me. "

"We must not rely on prejudices or stereotypes but we must work, because it is through work that society recognizes a person and we can impose ourselves on society and be accepted."

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